photo 28 Mar

Nobody travels this path anymore" by Andrew Stichbury, 2010

audio 25 Feb

One of the most beautiful baroque arias, “Per la gloria d’adorarvi" ("For the glory of adoring you”), from the opera “Griselda” by Bononcini (1722), in an interpretation performed in 1973 by Luciano Pavarotti and the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, under the direction of Richard Bonynge.

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video 24 Feb

A great video to Patrick Wolf's uplifting second single from his forthcoming album “Lupercalia”. Don’t let the city destroy our love…

link 6 Feb Suffering is unnecessary...»
audio 31 Jan

"Life Gets In The Way" from Budapest's first album “Too Blind To Hear" (2002)

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video 20 Dec

A beautiful animation by Ryan Woodward, dedicated to my even more beautiful friend Julia on her happy birthday!

video 14 Oct

A truly enjoyable music video of the city of A Coruña (the nearest, “large city”, from where I live) by Daniel Almeida. Many thanks to my very special friend, Raquel S.V., for showing this to me.

video 6 Oct

A Chief Ink Maker, Peter Welfare, shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients—powder, varnish, and passion.

audio 19 Sep

A heart that’s full up like a landfill
A job that slowly kills you
Bruises that won’t heal…

Regina Spektor covers Radiohead's sadly beautiful “No Suprises”

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photo 4 Sep

"Dreaming" by Peter Przybille, 2009

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